Is holiday good for health?

Have you ever heard “going holiday is  able to keep the doctor away”? When you doesn’t need regular visit to doctor, it means you have no health problems, right? Being healthy person is not just a dream only. Ensure that you  can get it by keeping good thoughts and motivational tips. Stay healthy is great achievement ever, so will you  put it in high list of your desire in this year? No matter how often you came to doctor last year, in this  year you must  reverse it. Create the different record where you just come to doctor for regular check-up only, not for special treatment. When people think that taking vacation just spends  money only because it needs funds, you must  plan a vacation  in the next months.

No matter when  you will go vacation, but make sure you will take it. Yes, it relates  with your health  both physical and mental. You are too busy with your jobs and business, think to go away from it within some days. During vacation you can do more and more things you couldn’t’ do commonly. Yes, everybody has responsibility to their profession, but you are not robot or machine. When you take some days for vacation, it is of course you ask your brain and other parts of body to  stop working. Each of those things need long rest where you are free of any kind of works and responsibility. Commonly you take a rest with very limited sleeping time. While taking vacation, you will get more quality sleep. The quality of sleep increases up to 17% when you are in the location that free of stuffs and all things that remind you to work.

When you think that  health  benefits  will appear during  holiday time only, it is not right. On vacation you will feel happier and relaxed, so that it stimulates the other functions of your body. Better sleep is best thing you will get from your vacation. However, it can help your body  to keep its immunity system. The study shows how holiday helps to reduce  the blood pressure, immune system improvement,  managing or controlling mood, and more. As additional, holiday is very possible to create most long-lasting reduction in stress. The great news you should know is the benefits continue well, although holiday or vacation passed. The impact will  be in some months afterwards.  Plan your holiday now, and get better  health  condition!

The Power Of Physical Exercise

Most people have same desire and wish to stay health, but keeping the  overall health is not as simple as our ideal desire, right? What you save as purpose will be nothing when you don’t take action to show. Simple to talk, if you healthy is your main focus in this time, motivate yourself to take physical exercise at least 30 minutes per day. You like taking supplement consumption, but however your body needs to sweat. The sweat is the reaction of burning process of your body. That is why  you will be able to lose ponds of weight with regular physical activities.

To combat  some unwanted condition and health problems, never waste your days with no exercise. Someone who likes taking exercise, will be able to  fight and protect their body from attacks of some common problems such as cold, cough and more. Yes, it can also make you to feel so fun  because  your mental health also get effects from this activity. When you feel fun, your mood will also increase, so what work you can’t handle? All works  are finished based on  its targeted time. Mood is not less important because it can create un-predictable  impact when you do some works. By taking regular exercise, you also take right  way to control and maintain  your mood. Everything will look so bad when your mood is also bad. Vice verse, you will  feel so happy and excited to come back finishing your tasks.

How can you get energy, while you just like to take a seat in front of television? This activity doesn’t need much energy. I think it is better you boost the energy   by taking physical exercise. Sometime we face health problem where energy  impacts to overall health  condition. The energy is produced when  your body burn fat, even more during exercising.

Relationship between mental and physical health

 Some health disorders can create other  ones. How can stress lead you to become diabetic? When you stress, it will be hard to control   foods intake, so by time you will be fat. As we know, fat or overweight  can also cause  the most serious disease such as diabetes, regarding of its type. There  are some types of diabetes that appear with different symptoms. Commonly,  heredity  also becomes factor why someone suffers this hazard problem. If you have no  diabetes historical record, now you can take preventive ways to protect yourself from it.Stethoscope forming heart shape

 Stethoscope forming heart shape

 In the first and main preventive list you all will find the weight control. Living with excess weight makes people have more risks to suffer diabetes type 2. The other thing you can choose as preventive action is by controlling level of sugar blood. Due to  diabetes is  the  result of mental disorder such as stress and depression, so  make sure if you live with no mental disorders.

Fight Flu And Cold With Super Foods Consumption

Actually, our body  has the ability to get back its health  and  good condition naturally. Unfortunately, most of us like to take various kinds of medications that we don’t know what the side-effects are. No matter taking  natural treatment, but you must also know how some foods are able helping you to figt cold and flu. Those are common issues  that  are very easy attacking our body, especially  when we have weak immunity  system, right? While,  there are also  other factors that cause these diseases.

Surrounding your residential, there re many super foods you can  use to fight  cold and flu. Have you ever taken   those foods? Mushroom is good to consume during you get  cold. Kiwi and yoghurt also can help you to reduce unwanted condition during getting flu. Some of you might not like because of some reasons especially its smell, right? Fortunately, it is super food  to combat flu and cold.